June Jobs Roundup

By Hannah Weilbacher
Calling current and emerging leaders in the Jewish social justice field! Looking for your next opportunity? There are many ways to grow in your career this month. Read more...


By Hannah Weilbacher
Each year, Passover offers us an amazing chance to infuse our sacred Jewish rituals with our social justice values. The story of our exodus from enslavement and our struggles... Read more...

How will you Build a Strong Board? Find Out July 7th

By Hannah Weilbacher
We are so excited to announce that the Roundtable will facilitate a Board Development Training in NYC in July.  Read more...
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Two Featured Roundtable Organizations

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The progressive Jewish women of NCJW advance social and economic justice for women, children, and families in the US and Israel. In 2015 we generated more than 64,000 communications to policymakers, and we trained leaders from 30 cities to present a strong faith-based voice for reproductive justice, judicial nominations, anti sex trafficking, and gender equality; plus gun safety, voting and immigrant rights, and more.
NIF, which advances and protects Israeli democracy, is expanding to better strengthen the hundreds of organizations and thousands of activists it supports.  In 2015, NIF provided more than $20 million in core and donor-advised grants to Israel’s human rights, social justice and religious freedom organizations.